Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Samina Malik

Here are some links on Samina Malik, the 23 year old British Muslim who goes by the screen name "Lyrical Terrorist." She was recently the first woman to be convicted under England's new terrorism laws.

I've included some links that I think include the most information with the least amount of bigoted, islamophobic speech. What's really troubling to me is that most of what I've found thus far is not only in support of her conviction, but overwhelmingly comprised of hateful and myopic statements made by bloggers and commenters. I acknowledge that as of yet I'm not looking in the RIGHT places... but does anyone else find that alot of blogs dealing with malik to come up on google are all racist and in full support of such frightening jurisprudence? There's also a whole hell of a lot of ignorance: For example, one commenter says "Deport her." This begs the question, "to where?" Seeing as Malik was born and brought up in West London. Other sentiments I've found have echoed this... this one, however, I've found particularly troubling. Honestly I'm a little scared... and while I'd like to trust and believe in resistance, it's seems harder to find and access than bigotted, racist support. Don't get me wrong, there are some people out there with opened eyes.... just not nearly enough.

Sorry for the bit of a rant, here are some links:
Telegraph article
Pretty Good Blog Post if for no other reason than the auther evokes Harry Potter.
Link that contains some of Malik's Poetry
An Attack on liberty
Opinion Article, be sure to note the comments.


Fevilist said...
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Lorraine said...

thanks for posting this!

Rus Bowden said...

On Clattery MacHinery on Poetry, there is a call for poetic license, for freedom:

World Samina Malik Day December 6th


جبهة التهييس الشعبية said...

Join the campaing



Mogonlal Meghraj said...

This is getting out of control!

Lorraine said...

To anyone posting here outside of the immediate members, or who is using this post on their own blogs, this post is not a pro or con Samina post. It was based on a discussion in a college course, and was and is meant to give a larger picture to a lack of public information. There is no endorsement or denouncement here for any of the events of the past few days. The members of the course are simply trying to wade through ideas of media, "otherness", art, and globalization (among other things). If you would like to join us in some academic discussions, feel free, but this blog is not about Samina. Thank you for noticing us!

Rus Bowden said...

Hi Lorraine,

I hope the Clattery MacHinery link is useful to you guys. If not, feel free to delete it. I thought the point of view presented here important.


Lorraine said...

rus: we really appreciate the link--thank you! you want to join post-colonial feminisms for the last two weeks of the semester? we would be happy to have you!